130 Years of Education

As of March 11, 2019, Mukti Mission and the Sharda Sadan home have been around for 130 years. Sharda Sadan, which means ‘Home of Learning’, opened with two pupils and soon increased to several hundreds. Today, it houses more than 2,200 students, both residential and day scholars, who are eager to take advantage of an education that has been imparted since the last four generations. A great-grandfather, aged 85, proudly came to grace the occasion as his great grandson is the fourth generation student of the school.

Mukti Mission founder Pandita Ramabai’s heroic fortitude, unflinching devotion and absolute faith have brought hope and a bright future to thousands of suffering women and children. Surrounded by opposition, abuse and treachery, she has fought almost single-handedly against the evils of superstition and ignorance, the tyranny of caste, the iniquities of child marriage and perpetual widowhood, which for century upon century have blighted the lives of women in India.

Over the past 130 years, more than 7,000 children have studied at the school. It is a unique school where parents of the students play an important role in its growth. It is more of a family-based school where students from all walks of life attend and have testified that they have not seen or experienced any kind of discrimination.

Being an ex-student of the school, Dr. Mahendra Chitre, a neurologist in a leading hospital in Pune, was invited to be the Chief Guest to preside over the function. Dr. Mahendra Chitre delivered a very down-to-earth address, bringing sweet memories of his childhood experiences. The audience was moved when he made a reference to his 2nd Standard teacher, Sumanbai Shitoley, who was in the crowd. When Sumanbai was teaching the little boy Mahendra, she wouldn’t have thought that she was investing her teaching skills in a student who would one day become a neurologist.

Teachers, you have an important role to play in the lives of your students. Your little primary section student today may become someone who will impact the nation tomorrow. Mukti Mission’s special emphasis is education. The dream of starting a Pandita Ramabai University is being pursued and will take another decade for this dream to become a reality. However, the immediate goal is to work towards a Senior College of Science, Arts and Commerce as a first step to fulfill the larger dream in the days to come.

Also at the event was Chairman and Advocate Markas Deshmukh (also a former student) and 450 former students. Two very senior teachers, Mrs. Sumanbai Shitole and Mrs. Sakhubai Jadhav, who taught at Sharada Sadan in 1967- 1972, were amazed to see how the school has grown and were very touched. The staff and students set up a wonderful programme which was centered on the theme of ‘relationship’. It was a blessed day which ended with a delicious lunch for all.

Ramabai Mukti Mission (Canada), who has been in existence since 1960, has entrusted the work they have been doing to Global Aid Network (GAiN) , which means that we are Mukti India’s partner in Canada.

Under GAiN, Mukti Canada will have an opportunity to reach a much wider audience, grow its donor base and sponsors, and ensure that the promotion of Mukti’s work will continue across Canada in the years to come.

Since caring for the needs of widows and orphans is a very key component to the DNA of us, we are excited to come alongside Mukti India and support their mission. To show our support, we have send LIFE Teams to Mukti to help with various work projects, play with the children and help them with their homework, meet with the older women, and many other things.

We also help support women and children that live at Mukti.

Global Aid Network (GAiN) Canada is a worldwide humanitarian relief and development organization dedicated to bringing hope and tangible help to the poor and the suffering. From our humble beginnings we have grown to become part of a diverse, global network with offices in Canada, United States, Germany, Australia, Austria, Latvia, South Korea, Holland and Spain. With distribution networks established throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas, our compassionate reach is truly global in scale. Since beginning in 1998, we have mobilized resources to help people in over 40 countries around the world.

Global Aid Network focuses on the Water for Life Initiative – capped water wells of safe, pure water for the thirsty, Humanitarian Aid – food for the hungry, shelter and clothing for the homeless, medical relief for the needy, and counseling for the traumatized, Women & Children – support of safe and loving homes that nurture and equip children and destitute women for a hopeful future, Disaster Response – provision of emergency food, water, shelter and clothing, and Development – education classes, agricultural projects, building projects. Learn how you can volunteer or support their work here.

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