A Child’s Only Meal for the Day

A nutritious meal received in a Haitian school might be a child’s only meal for the day. Through Mission of Hope’s nutrition program, thousands of school children are given a warm meal everyday. This meal is promoting a healthy school and a healthy child in the midst of the food insecurity crisis in Haiti right now.

On average, 40,000 meals provides nutrition for one school for an entire year. Hot, nutritious meals are changing the lives of the children attending school. These children are the next generation of leaders in their nation, and a nutritious meal at school will affect the success of their education in a positive way.

Meal packing events make this possible by assembling a large number of meals at one time. Numana Inc. facilitates large-scale packaging events, where people gather to assemble meals for organizations like Mission of Hope. One package includes six meals. Recently, volunteers from Forest Hill Church in North Carolina gathered together to package 40,000 meals to be delivered to Haiti.

Alex, a 13-year-old who packed meals said, “I woke up at 5:30 am so I could help set up the Numana event with my friend. I had such a fun time and asked the church how I can be more involved and hopefully go to Haiti on a Mission trip one day.”

“Our campus experienced wonderful community and multi-generational time together while we packed meals with Numana for Mission of Hope. The event was a special day for our church body that sparked a desire to serve locally.

We are excited to see where this love for others takes our congregation as we strive to impact our community with the hope of the Gospel,” said Julie Sale, a Forest Hill member.

A meal packing event can have a significant impact in the lives of children in Haiti, and we’re grateful for all who make it possible. If you’re interested in hosting a meal packing event. you can learn how here.

Mission of Hope was founded in 1998 by Brad and Vanessa Johnson. Ten years prior, Brad’s parents, Bob and Sharon Johnson, acquired a piece of barren land 20 miles north of Port au Prince. Their vision was to build a mission that would help meet the physical and spiritual needs of the people of Haiti.

In 1996, Brad and Vanessa were serving in Haiti on a week-long mission trip where they watched an 18-month-old baby die as her father held her on their way to a clinic. They learned the baby had starved to death from the parents not having enough food. This moment was etched in their minds forever, and they could not escape the image of the grieving parents as they mourned the loss of their daughter. Brad and Vanessa felt the call on their lives to make Haiti their home, and in 1998 they moved to Haiti to officially start Mission of Hope.

Mission of Hope has grown from a small mission located on a barren piece of land to a fruitful organization that houses an onsite orphanage, medical facility, school, and church. Through partnerships, Mission of Hope also helps other orphanages, churches, and schools throughout the country.

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