A Willing Vessel

He considered himself a nobody – He was from a small city, attended a small college, and knew very few. But Octavianus Natanael was willing.

“I was doing ministry, what little I could, but didn’t feel I contributed anything of worth,” Octavianus says. Until Haggai.

Octavianus was mission pastor of Elim Christian Church and director of administration for William Carey Mission Theological College in Medan, Indonesia, when he was invited to attend the Haggai Leader Experience.

He didn’t have a visa, though – and didn’t have the money for one.

“I was so overjoyed to attend Haggai! I expected some friends to provide some support money so I could go to Jakarta and apply for my visa. But nothing came. Almost every day I met with everyone I knew, but no one was willing to help. My financial condition at the time was so desperate – everything I had I was spending on my ministry.

“Then, one day, I unexpectedly received some money, which allowed me to attend”

“I went with a narrow perspective,” he says. “I didn’t believe I could do great works, instead thinking that I was just a simple pastor from a third-world country – that people couldn’t expect much from me.”

By the end of his Haggai Leader Experience, Octavianus had a renewed vision.

“I set specific goals, including reaching 500 people, training 100 for evangelism, sending 10 missionaries to various places in Indonesia, adding 300 to our church, and much more. “That was seven years ago. To my surprise and by God’s grace, almost 80 percent of my goals have been fulfilled by the Lord since then.”

Today, Octavianus has preached the Gospel to more than 50,000 people throughout Indonesia and abroad – more than 20 countries, in fact – through revivals and secular radio broadcasts.

With over 25% of their population under 14, sharing the Gospel is crucial for Indonesia’s youth

He has also personally trained more than 120 people through Biblical mandate seminars, obtained his doctorate, and witnessed his entire family serve God.

“Through the William Carey Mission Theological College that I now chair, more than 200 theology alumni have been produced, more than 60 master’s of theology and missiology, and more than 25 doctorates,” he says.

“Many of our alumni are also pastors and missionaries, evangelists, and government workers, who served the Lord and became witnesses of the Gospel in every aspect of their working field. We’ve also sent missionaries to Saudi Arabia and Malaysia.”

Octavianus believes God will help him produce even more leaders through the college, impacting Asia especially. “We are best at reaching other Asians, and I believe in the next 10 years, all our alumni can catch that spirit. I am praying we reach unevangelized people groups.”

To Haggai’s sponsors, Octavianus says, don’t give up. “The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 11:1, ‘Cast your bread upon the waters, for you shall find it after many days.’ You might not see the result immediately, but I believe whatever you invest in the Kingdom of God, you will see it one day.

“You will see that every investment given to these people of God who come to Haggai International will not be in vain.”

At the Haggai Leader Experience the vision that drives us is  we want to see every nation redeemed and transformed through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That’s it. Did Jesus really mean what He said? We believe He did. Our vision is simply to fulfill His last command – “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations.”

At a global level, we believe in finding the best people for the job, and giving them an experience that will change, equip and motivate them forever. Over 100,000 strategically positioned men and women, drawn from almost every nation and profession, have completed the Haggai Leader Experience.

Working in 188 nations – including China and the Middle East – these Haggai leaders are a global team dedicated to seeing every nation redeemed and transformed through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Your donation equips outstanding men and women to bring the Good News to a broken world. You are the force behind this extraordinary missions movement. To learn more about the Haggai Leader Experience and how you can help support their ministry, visit here.

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