How You Can Help Children in Crisis

Millions of children are suffering throughout the world.
Most people ask why? We ask, how can we help?

We believe that every child, as God’s special creation, should be in a loving home where they are safe, clean, trained, fed nutritiously and nurtured. Sadly, far too many children around the world do not have these basics. It is very difficult to get accurate numbers but millions of boys and girls are struggling and long for food, shelter, education, caring friends, family and a loving God. Whether the cause is economic, disaster-related, or neglect, the fact remains that children are often in desperate need.

Children cannot and should not have to care for themselves. But that’s where Action International Ministries (ACTION) comes in. We can.

 Watch this video.

Many children try to survive on the street, under bridges, in vacant lots or any shelter they can find. The reasons are endless. Perhaps they don’t have enough food and space with their family due to grinding poverty, or they come from broken and abusive families, or are displaced due to war and natural disasters. Some even run away from rural to urban centers thinking the “grass is greener” in the city, but it often isn’t.

These children look for left-over food after restaurants close. They work by selling flowers, candy, newspapers, cigarettes, recyclable items such as metal and plastic, or even their bodies. They also can end up involved in crime, gangs, and drugs. The cycle often repeats itself as these ‘kids’ get together and have kids of their own. And so it continues and they end up working in public markets, carrying heavy loads, and then sleeping in push-carts or on cardboard in vacant lots or in front of stores or in public market stalls.

As you can imagine, street kids can end up in danger in many ways because they are not being attended to, not being watched, are not a part of a family or community capable of providing even the most basis needs of shelter, food, clothing, education, or medical care.

But like kids all over the world, they like to make friends, play, laugh and, most importantly, have a family to care for them. And that is something we at ACTION want to bring to these children… HOPE.

ACTION is working with these children in crisis in several countries including; Brazil, Colombia, Cambodia, Ecuador, Mexico, Philippines, Uganda, Ukraine, and Zambia.

The ministry programs we host include camps, Bible clubs, feeding programs, medical and handicap assistance. We also offer education and vocational training, street outreaches and discipleship.

In addition we also offer an annual Christmas Outreach, disaster relief, drop-in centers, orphanages and counseling for those abused and traumatized.

Your donation can help children get  connected to these programs. We ask that you consider volunteering or offering financial support so we can provide direct assistance to children and rebuilding their communities to end the cycle of poverty.

Action International Ministries is a global mission agency committed to sending multinational missionaries who treasure Jesus Christ and minister His Gospel in word and deed, primarily to the poor. Our three-pronged strategy for urban ministry can be defined under three headings: evangelism, discipleship, and development.

We currently have over 250 missionaries (and many other team members) serving in more than 20 countries. ACTION’s prayer target is for 221 additional missionaries to join us in the vital task of world missions, for the glory of God! You can find out more about Action International and how you can volunteer or support their work here.

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