Do You Have a Heart for Helping Some Very Special Kids?

Here at Epic Missions in Florida, our mission is to reach those within our community who are needy, homeless, hungry, hopeless, broken or “at risk,” by coming alongside each individual in a personal way, to listen and understand their story that brought them to where they are in life. It was never the life goal for most to find themselves in a state of dependency or despair, but somewhere along the line a decision, life event, or both, brought them to where we find them today. We seek to share real life answers to becoming whole, to finding spiritual peace, financial peace and to becoming productive members of society. Through our faith in Jesus Christ, we pray He helps us reach those who are able and willing to change and live productive lives.

One of the most enjoyable mission opportunities we offer is for our teams to work with the children at our area special needs school.

This is a public school designed for children with mental or physical challenges.

A favorite is to join in twice a week for the Zoomba class where we participate with the students and show our love and assistance!

The disabilities these children face are numerous and varied. We come along side them to encourage them and participate in their activities.

Some are fully mobile while others are confined to wheelchairs. Some have mental challenges, or physical challenges such as blindness, birth or brain injury and other medical conditions.

Our presence in their day is a huge encouragement for them. You would be surprised to see the amazing personalities and abilities many of them have perfected as a result of their challenges.

They respond with smiles and an innocent desire to be loved, valued and cared for just the way God made them. They are a valued part of our mission opportunities that we offer our teams!

When it comes to working with under privileged or “at risk” children, Epic Missions loves its’ ministry to these special kids. This ministry to kids was started to create a safe after school place for “at risk” kids to be mentored and tutored in their studies.

This is a grass roots organization started by individuals concerned about the children in the area that had no safe home or lacked a parent presence after school.

We love these missions to under privileged children because they are a simple ministry with few amenities in a poor area of Vero. Yet, they provide a vibrant, safe area for the kids to be after school each day.

In the summertime, the numbers of kids increases at Missions to Under-Privileged Children and it provides opportunities for teams to put on skits, conduct a week long Vacation Bible School or assist in recreation.

Stories, skits, games, study, singing, music, movies and direct interaction with the children, these are  the ways our teams work to show love, be a mentor, and listen to the needs of very special children.

Missions to Under-Privileged Children is another opportunity to work with “at risk” children. It is a rewarding and memorable opportunity. Teams from just a few to up to 10 people are optimum for this ministry. We love these boys and girls and we are sure you will too!

Epic Missions Inc. provides custom-designed Christian mission trips for teams of all ages including youth groups, college students, adults, and families. We also have opportunities to serve for student leaders (Interns) and folks called into Missions to aid us in running the mission in Vero Beach, FL. We are located in South Florida and our teams have served over 140,000 hours of community service in St. Lucie and Indian River counties.

Epic Missions serve a variety of local non-profit organizations including soup kitchens, nursing homes, at-risk youth, migrant families, and much more. Epic Missions designs each mission trip to uniquely suit the talents, skills, and desires of your team. Our teams are housed on-site at our beautiful 16-acre campus and treated to three home-cooked meals every day. We love our short-term missionaries and have a team return rate of over 82% year after year! Come join us!

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