God Is Good

Last semester, a woman came to a Mission of Hope mobile clinic in the Dominican Republic and brought her two sons, ages 2 and 4, with her. All three of them were malnourished, but her sons were especially.

What stuck out to me more than that, though, were their smiles. They had the kind of smiles that you just can’t forget.

The next day we visited the woman at her house, and we were able to provide her with some formula for her sons for the days that they are not able to purchase food.

I got to stop by her house again this semester. I learned more about her this time. She moved here from Haiti. She doesn’t speak much Spanish—just enough to get by. Her husband works but not consistently. The reality is that life is difficult for them here in the Dominican Republic.

But, just like last time, she wore the biggest smile on her face.

As I was leaving her house, I noticed that written above her door were the words Bondye Bon, which means “God is Good” in Creole.

I know she believes it, because I can see it. I can see her faith in her perseverance and in her strength. I see her belief in her smile and in her laugh. I see it in the way she loves her children and in the way that she has welcomed me into her home on multiple occasions.

God is good—the simplest truth I’m reminded of so often when interacting with people in the communities here in the Dominican Republic.

With the vision to help meet the physical and spiritual needs of the people of Haiti. Mission of Hope was founded in 1998 by Brad and Vanessa Johnson.

Mission of Hope has now grown from a small mission located on a barren piece of land in Haiti to a multi-country organization that focuses on partnering with local churches to help people in their communities see, feel, and hear the Gospel. As an organization following Jesus Christ, Mission of Hope exists to bring life transformation to every man, woman, and child. We desire to serve the nations of Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and the Bahamas and see lives changed.

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