Fiji Gap Semester

Fiji Gap Semester

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The Island Encounters Gap Semester is a 90 day journey of drawing close to our heavenly Father. Ministry to the least of these, living in community, exciting service, and travel and adventure. All While located in the beautiful country of Fiji. Students with a heart to love God and love people will find a place where they will be stretched to grow and challenged to serve.

The 5 Hallmarks of our Student Program are: Training in Discipleship. Life on Life Ministry. Cross-cultural Training. Travel & Adventure and Independent Coursework. These ensure a cohesive discipleship experience that students will benefit from for the rest of their lives, and they can even earn college credit while with us!

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Join us on the journey!



Summer Internship – Island Encounters, Fiji

Summer Internship – Island Encounters, Fiji

If you’re an 18-24 yr old and you love God and you love people, consider joining us in Fiji for of Service, Relationships, Community, and Adventure. Our 6 week outreach is June 6th-July 16, 2020. We also have a Gap Semester fall 2020.

Everyone is on a journey with their Creator. The Island Encounters Gap Semester is 90 days of drawing close to our heavenly Father, ministry to the least of these, living in community, service, and adventure, all while located in the breathtaking country of Fiji. Students with a heart to love God and love people will find a place where they will be stretched to grow and challenged to give to those God has called us to serve.

We have 5 Core Principles that will guide your time with us

Training in Discipleship
How did Jesus make disciples? This vital question guides us as we apply the techniques and methods Jesus used to train up those who he called friends and disciples.

Life On Life Ministry
Ministry is done through relationships! This was a central component to the way Christ made disciples and a central component to our ministry here at Island Encounters. We focus on application of the scripture through personal relationships.

Cross Cultural Training
Understanding your target culture is vital to effective ministry. We will spend concerted time talking about ministry in a cross cultural setting to help identify the best techniques to minister in the context God has placed you.

Travel & Adventure
We want you to experience the fun and beauty of the nature God has given us to explore and steward here in Fiji. Trips we’ve taken in the past include sailing to the outer islands, waterfall hikes, river bilibili (raft) floats, zip line excursions, and other experiences await you. It’s breathtaking!

Independent Coursework
Need some university credit? We will help facilitate your online class learning with daily time set aside for online classes, exams, papers, and more.

We believe these 5 core elements of the IE Gap Semester will encourage dramatic growth in each student and provide a cohesive discipleship experience. Our goals are to see participants love God more, love people more, and leave us having been equipped to make disciples wherever God places them.
Join us on the journey!

Inner-City Summer Internship

Inner-City Summer Internship

Are you someone that is seeking a more personal relationship with Christ? Do you have a desire to serve others by launching into America’s inner cities and willing to take a role as the hands and feet of Jesus Christ? Are you ready to be challenged? If you accept the challenge, are you ready to pursue and expand your spiritual gifts to serve as a missionary in the inner city? Can you see yourself opening yourself up to learn new skills, elevate your leadership potential be pushed to get outside your comfort zone and potentially and have a strong desire to serve in the inner-city while growing in Christ?

EY2S is looking for someone who:
● Has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
● Agrees with our EY2S Statement of Faith
● Is a member and participant in a Bible-believing Church
● Seeks the Great Commission
● Is excited about our core values, mission, and vision in the inner-city
● Is an active team player

Jesus Film Internship

Jesus Film Internship

Are you looking for adventure with a purpose? Jesus Film Mission Trips is looking for leaders to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the least-reached groups in the world. You will help plan, prepare, recruit and lead teams across the globe. Work with national staff to bring “JESUS” to those who have never heard, as you disciple and shepherd the teams you lead.

Many of our national staff around the world have told us that the trips we lead in their countries greatly help to reach nonbelievers and build spiritual movements. The impact that one team has in two weeks equals a year’s worth of work for them.

Come and join us for one year and take part in preparing for, and participating in, multiple mission trips to unreached people groups. Based at our international headquarters in Orlando, Florida.

All staff and interns of Campus Crusade for Christ are required to raise their own personal finance support team. If accepted, you will receive extensive training to help you raise financial support from churches and individuals who have a heart to share the gospel.

JESUS Film Mission Trips was started in the 90’s to send teams around the world to get the JESUS Film shown and distributed in every country. With that goal accomplished, in 2005 our focus narrowed to reaching the least-reached people groups.  For 20 years, we have been helping to resource the mission field, launch ministries and give momentum to spiritual movements around the world.

With more than 40 mission trips available each year, our experienced team leaders provide safe and meaningful mission experiences for teams ranging from 5 to 30 participants. These teams travel to more than 30 different countries in Africa, Asia, Europe to distribute copies of the “JESUS” film in the local languages. The teams also host large outdoor film showing, resulting in many viewers coming to know Christ personally. Since 1997 we have taken more than 7,000 individuals to some of the most unreached people groups in the world.