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Operation Mobilization (OM) a worldwide Christian missionary organization has  partnered with a tech-based company that is offering a “prime” (like Amazon Prime) service to online retailers. We are in the process of setting up collection centers where customers can pick up their packages, as well as developing partnerships with local business to become strategic partners in this business. We are looking for entrepreneurs who would be excited to gain experience with an innovative startup.

Qualifications of on-field supervisor: A seasoned entrepreneur in the Arabian Peninsula, with experience in logistics, retail, and technology.

Accreditation: Degree Credit available upon the approval of your university/college supervisors.



Arabian Peninsula. Intern will be provided with free housing next door to the intern supervisor’s house, for the duration of the internship.

Intern will be responsible to purchase their own food during the internship, Visa (approx. $840) and round-trip flights to the region. Our organization will provide tools and training to raise funds. All interns must formally accept and abide by OM USA’s Statement of Faith for the duration of the internship. Interns will be living with other American interns in community. Interns will likely work closely and ride with local interns.


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Intern must come with a ‘learner’ mentality. Intern must be humble, flexible, and teachable.

Business classes are a plus, but not an absolute necessity. Intern must be willing to try cultural food, adjust working style/hours to local culture. Intern must possess emotional intelligence. Intern must be able to live in community with other interns.


What We Will Do

Responsibilities and Duties: You will be responsible for researching, developing, and supporting the new ventures and business opportunities. Duties could include market research, technology investigation, development of detailed business models, creating financial projections, sales, and networking.

Business Development: We will be pairing up each American intern with a local intern. Both interns will go to local grocery/florist/shops of various businesses getting contracts/agreements with the local shop owners to become collection center partners with the company.

Operational Training: We will be pairing up each American intern with a local intern. Both interns will train the staff at each collection center on how to be effective at receiving and dispatching parcels. They will also be training the local collection center staff on how to use our technology/App.

Learning Outcomes: Mentoring by a seasoned entrepreneur in Arabia. How to effectively do business across cultures. Pitfalls and challenges or doing business in Arabia. How to start, launch, and secure investment for a business startup in Arabia.

Networking with other international business leaders and entrepreneurs. Opportunities to learn about full-time opportunities in the region.

Allie Mieling
Operation Mobilization

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