Program Logistics Intern

As we launch the 2020 season and support all Group Mission Trips experiences, this intern will work directly with the program, staffing, and project manager teams by managing all warehouse equipment and program supplies. A crucial part of Group Workcamps and Week of Hope is the program – spiritual and relational content carefully developed for participant mission experiences.

This position will efficiently and effectively order the supplies and equipment needed for our 2020 theme program “Worth It.” This intern will also efficiently and effectively order and organize the supplies needed for our 2020 mission trip season, staff store, and camp store, managing shipments to and from camp locations throughout the season.

The intern will help with the production of program scripts and creation of digital and physical program elements as well as build and organize slides for the presentation software and train the staff who will be implementing programs.


Fort Collins, CO 80525


February 10 to August 14, 2020


Education and Experience Requirements

Minimum of 2 years (4 semesters) of college coursework and/or work experience in at least one of the following areas:

Youth Ministry
Creative writing
Project Management
Graphic design
Sound, presentation, and multimedia equipment

What We Will Do


  • Oversee GMT warehouse program supplies inventory and purchasing
  • Check existing and order new sound and technical equipment
  • Learn Media Shout program and serve as trainer for Summer Staff
  • Participate in camp program script evaluation, review, and production
  • Inventory GMT staging warehouse for all summer staff crews
  • Fulfill camp store and staff gear orders
  • Assist with staff training for logistics and equipment
  • Resource summer staff crews with all needed warehouse supplies
  • Provide additional assistance as needed by the Group Mission Trips team

Susan Burton
Group Mission Trips

Inquiry About Program Logistics Intern