Would you invest a weekend to change someone’s life?

Is God nudging you to serve, but taking two weeks off and trying to raise a few thousand dollars of support is just not something you can do?

Group Mission Trips‘ Weekend Home Repair Work Camps could be a great first step.

Group has created a Friday through Monday model which allows adults and teens to easily get involved with a ministry of serving while still leaving them opportunities for vacation and family time. You’ll see first-hand the amazing power of serving as a community to accomplish God’s work while being part of bringing life-changing service to 40 to 60 homeowners and residents. You will not only bring repair to a house, you will also bring hope to a resident as that house again becomes a ‘home.’

Here are three options of many this summer, all affordably priced at only $299 per person.

The first is located in the mountains, at the end of highway 400 coming from Atlanta. These days this small city Dahlonega, Georgia, is consistently named as a best place to retire. Many services for older adults are found here; continuing education, festivals and cultural activities for seniors abound.

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However there are many retirees that need your help. The weather in the north mountains of Georgia in winter can take a toll on homes. You’ll be weatherizing homes and trailers, painting, doing interior and exterior carpentry and other home repair projects.

Your efforts for all the residents in this historic city will be remembered for a very long time.

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Here’s another area of need. As you approach Roanoke from one direction or another on Interstate 81, you will be impressed by the beautiful mountains and greenery. Just a little to the east of one of the busiest highways in Virginia is Roanoke. It’s a city with impressive buildings, a cool downtown, and rolling hills everywhere you look. But just like any major city, the cool parts are often only a few blocks away from surprisingly poor conditions. You can drive through entire sections of the city that simply cry out for help.

The neighborhoods look like they haven’t been improved or maintained for 20 years or more. There are many small homes, clearly owned by seniors who have likely called Roanoke home for their entire lives, but which have not had regular upkeep. These families are likely working for a small wage and are not able to cover all their bills and needs. You’ll be building wheelchair ramps and handrails, painting, doing interior and exterior carpentry and other home repair projects.

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Then we have Rockford, Ohio, a unique and peaceful small town surrounded by rich Ohio farmland. Life feels easy here—the wide-open fields give you a feeling of freedom and you can almost taste the fresh country air.

But not everyone’s life is easy here. The downturn in manufacturing has led to the closure of some nearby factories—and farming simply doesn’t pay like it once did. As younger people leave to find work elsewhere, many elderly people find themselves left behind, lonely, their cherished homes decaying.

You can make a real difference here in just one long weekend of hard work! Projects will involve simple carpentry and painting—but they all will be greatly needed by the person you’ve come to serve. And whoever you serve—an older couple faced with having to choose between groceries and home repairs, a single parent fighting to make ends meet, or someone struggling with a disability—you will be sending a true message of God’s love.

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Wherever you serve, you’ll find the people you help are truly grateful. You’ll meet people you’ll never forget – people whose lives will be forever changed because of the love and hope you bring.

These Weekend Workcamps are also meaningful and cost-effective opportunities for youth ministry, creating a great four-day introduction to mission trips and a taste of our popular week-long Workcamps.

At Group Mission Trips, our passion is creating service experiences to help people grow in their relationships with Jesus and each other. It’s more than a moment, it’s a mindset. We are continually humbled by God’s transforming work through this organization, especially now as 2017 marks the 40th birthday of our beginnings. After forty years, one constant remains true; we strongly believe in providing opportunities for teenagers to grow closer to Jesus through serving others, either in their own backyard or halfway across the globe. The Group Mission Trip’s legacy of lasting impact continues.

After 40 years, Group Mission Trips has had more than 450,000 participants who have logged in more than 13 million volunteer hours.  Learn more how you can volunteer or help support Group Mission Trips global ministry.

On MissionFinder, we have over 1,000 ministries offering opportunities like this to serve at home and around the world. Does your church or organization need help organizing mission trips? Check out our partner site, MissionMinder.com. Their easy to use software will help you manage all the details for your short-term mission trips and team members online. Unlimited Trips. Unlimited team members. Easy online fundraising for your team members. Try it free for 30 days. Learn more here.

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