Church Based Church Planting Teams Among the Unreached

Church-Based Teams: Jesus prayerfully selected a group of twelve disciples for focused training and ministry before sending them on a mission to the world. Sending a Church-Based Team follows this same pattern of identifying and training leaders and commissioning them for ministry among unreached peoples. Church-Based Teams are a natural, healthy extension of the local church community sent out to plant churches where the Gospel has not been heard. Through a Church-Based Team, the vision to reach the lost takes on greater significance in the regular life of the local body of believers. World Team can help guide and prepare your church to send a team of disciple-makers with varieties of gifts to the unreached. Taking ownership and being strategic about church planting alongside World Team will bless your local church and impact the nations as we bring them the Good News of Jesus.


Unreached Nations: South East Asia, North Africa, Middle East


Full Time, Support based


World Team USA is part of a global, non-denominational mission agency that equips and sends church planting teams to serve unreached people groups. We respond to the work of God’s grace in our lives by proclaiming the gospel of hope in word and deed. We seek to bring lasting spiritual and physical healing to individuals and the communities in which we live.

What We Will Do

From the start, we aim to equip local believers to become the leaders of new churches, with a vision of seeing each one reach out and multiply. We provide ongoing leadership mentoring and training, especially in areas where the church may be young and facing rapid social and economic changes.

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