Lifting People Out of Poverty – for Good!

Here’s an update on Partners in Action newest project in rural Zambia.

Farmers in the Namwala District in Southern Province, Zambia were starving after drought devastated the 2019 maize crop. With no food and no money, and an overall feeling of hopelessness, the farmers were not sure they had a path forward.

Our Mission: Restart Farming in Namwala

Recently Partners in Action established a farming cooperative of 116 small scale farmers.  Each farmer received inputs to grow maize in the form of a loan to be re-payed at the time of harvest.  And our farmers have prevailed!  We have harvested and sold over 45 tons of maize and we plan to collect over 100 tons more.

Here’s what we’re facing…
Namwala District spans nearly 100 square miles
Roads are limited and much travel is off-road through sandy terrain
A farmer with a good yield will need to move 2-4 tons of maize
Transportation to deliver maize to our loading facilities is expensive
A farmer who delivers 4 tons will earn about $340

We’re working right now to put this project in action.

For 32 years Partners in Action has played a vital role serving communities in extreme poverty. Our mission is to move children and families out of poverty by building sustainable communities that enable them to support themselves economically. As a Christ-centered and purpose-driven organization, our goal is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the communities we serve.

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