Strong Missions

Strong Missions is an interdenominational Christian organization helping the people of Costa Rica, especially children and families, gain basic resources necessary for a healthy life, and has provided safe, affordable and fully organized humanitarian and environmental mission/adventure trips for individuals, families, churches, dojos, dance and private schools, and universities since 2003. We are a registered […]

Flourish Children’s School

Flourish Children’s School is a newly established primary school in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. We are a dual language school providing a Christian environment and education.

The Farm of Hope

The Farm of Hope in Costa Rica is a Christian evangelistic and discipleship program for mostly adult men with life-controlling issues which result in homelessness and addictions. We also give free equine therapy to children with disabilities. Our staff serves as intercultural missionaries as we strive to serve the Lord Jesus Christ bringing hope and […]

Christian Immersion Spanish Academy

Our purpose as a Christian school is to teach Spanish as a second language in the Latin American culture. CISA upholds biblical principles and fosters an environment that practices the value of ‘love your neighbor as yourself’. Our roots are evangelical & non-denominational.We welcome everyone no matter their religious or faith background.

Faith Ministries Costa Rica

We live in a lost and dying world. What are you personally doing to change that? We invite you to realize how you can become a part of reaching the dear people of Costa Rica and Panama for Christ! You can aid in evangelism, church planting, teen camps and children’s ministries; you can feed and […]

Pure Vida Missions

Pura Vida Missions is an inter-denominational, Christian mission. Our goal is to share the love of Jesus Christ with the people of Costa Rica by providing life changing, short-term mission adventures for youth & adults from the USA, Canada and beyond.

The Spanish Language Institute

If you are hoping to use the Spanish language in cross cultural ministry, The Spanish Language Institute is the ideal place to pursue your interests. Since 1942, The Spanish Language Institute has helped over 16,000 missionaries achieve the language skills needed to serve the Lord in the Spanish-speaking world. But the Institute is much more […]

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