Grindstone Lake Bible Camp

The purpose of this organization is to provide a camping program of a spiritual nature. Derived from this purpose are the following correlated purposes:  -To reach the unbeliever for Christ;  -To help the believer to grow spiritually and socially;  -To create interest in missions, evangelism, and spiritual growth through Bible teaching and […]

Thirst Missions

Thirst Missions, a world leader in short-term mission trips, is committed to leading high quality private mission trips for every group. We take care of all the logistics and planning so your group of 4+ people can focus on ministry and relationships. We invite you to serve with us in Alaska, Appalachia, Belize, or Puerto […]

Feed My Starving Children (FMSC)

As a Christian nonprofit organization, Feed My Starving Children is called to feed God’s starving children hungry in body and spirit. You will hear us say this again and again: “We want to reach everyone, until ALL are fed.” We truly mean this. This means reaching the hard-to-reach people and places, the “least of these.” […]

Global Health Ministries

Global Health Ministries (GHM) focuses on strengthening health systems through access to medical equipment and supplies, support for community-based primary health care programs, and expert administrative and leadership consulting. We’ve partnered for decades in resource-poor settings and these deep relationships are one of our core competencies. We journey together with our brothers and sisters in […]

MKI Travel

MKI Group Travel started in 2007 with a vision to marry our expertise in missions with our experience in the travel industry. If effect — going ‘beyond travel’ — towards genuine service of those who are called to travel throughout the world. Our desire is that you will not only see this difference in our […]

The GOD’S CHILD Project

The GOD’S CHILD Project’s mission is “to break the bitter chains of poverty through education and formation.” While GOD’S CHILD is rooted in education and health-care, we aim to support the communities we serve at every level of development. Through our wide range of programs, we help children and families living in extreme poverty to […]

Healing Haiti

A life experience that can change your world forever. Healing Haiti’s missions trips are Christ centered and dedicated to bringing clean water, food, housing and education to the poor and most vulnerable of Haiti. During this trip, team members will have the opportunity to live and share our faith and build strong Christ centered relationships.  […]