Evangelism/Ministry Assistant

We are seeking a friendly and passionate individual to join our team as an Evangelism/Ministry Assistant. The selected candidate will shadow and work with a local pastor or missionary proclaiming the Gospel and assisting with the daily responsibilities of ministry outreach.


Are you passionate about crafting a good cup of coffee? We are seeking a friendly and dedicated Barista to join our team. As a Barista, you will not only provide exceptional coffee and beverage services to our visitors, but you’ll also help contribute to our organization’s mission by working with a coffee shop run by […]

Social Media Manager

We are seeking a friendly and enthusiastic Social Media Manager to help us tell our story and promote our initiatives. As a Social Media Manager, you will manage our social media platforms, develop content, and engage with our audience online. You will play a key role in building and maintaining our online presence and help […]

Honduras Preteen – Full Summer Mission Trip

Preteen Trip (Ages 10-12) If you have an adventurous spirit, enjoy ministering to children, and are not afraid to work, then a trip out to Teen Missions in Honduras just may be the team for you!

Summer Mission Trip to Honduras

Teen Trip (ages 13-19) If you have an adventurous spirit, enjoy ministering to children, and you’re not afraid of some hard work, then a trip to Honduras may just be the team for you!

Flood the Nations Mission Trip to Honduras

On this trip you will impact and change the lives of families as you help provide clean water with the Mission Water Project (MWP). Your team will install bio-sand water filters in a village of Honduras and train the village on proper hygiene, sanitation, and use of the filters. Your faith will grow as you […]

Short-Term Mission trips to Honduras

Mission Encounters International (MEI) is a gospel-driven, charitable organization with a heart devoted to missions. Our primary serving mission is located on the island of Helene, Honduras. Helene is one of the Bay Islands off the Honduras northern coast in the Caribbean Sea. We host short-term teams, offer Discipleship Encounters program (initial mission field training), […]

Volunteer Abroad Honduras La Ceiba 10 Programs year round

In Honduras we offer: Premed/Prenurse, Paramedical/rescue, medical, orphanage,teaching, HIV awareness, elderly care programs, you can volunteer from 1 week up to 12 weeks in a safe and friendly location, as a non profit all your fees are tax deductible and you can fundraise through our website.

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