Paraguay Vision Trip

Visit the micro-loans Trust Groups and hear impactful stories. Share your insights to small business owners and lead a vocational training session if you have some special skills to share. Experience the warm Paraguayan hospitality and all this beautiful country has to offer. On this vision trip, you will have the unique opportunity to… Visit […]

Interface College Level Missions Course

Ethnos360 has a college-level missions course halfway around the globe. See firsthand what it takes to plant a church among people who have no concept of the God of the Bible on an Interface trip. In this college-level missions course, you’ll learn from missionaries in Papua New Guinea and spend time with tribal people.

Travel the Road – People of the Trees

Beyond the known world and deep in the jungles of New Guinea, missionaries, Timothy Scott and William Decker, seek to make contact with the a remote and mysterious tribe known as the Korowai. Their mission begins as they outfit an expedition party and set off into the forest in search of uncontacted settlements. Trudging for […]

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