Internship in Uganda

We have provided opportunities for people to serve on trips to Uganda, Africa for over 15 years and we love it! We now have a 40+ acre missions base that hosts hundreds of people every year for short-term missions and internship opportunities. Our Ugandan staff team consistently serves in surrounding villages and they joyfully lead […]

Uganda Medical Missions

Show Mercy International hosts Medical Mission trips throughout the year. We will be reaching out to villages in Uganda that have little or no medical care. There will be opportunities to treat many hundreds of patients, many of whom have no access to quality medical care due to abject poverty and remoteness. Come and love […]

Help bring life and hope to neglected children in Uganda

We love receiving visitors! If you’d like to contribute practically to our ministry, get in touch to discuss the possibilities. Whether you’re just passing through Kampala and are wanting to stop by for one of our ministry sessions, or whether you’re looking to spend days/weeks devoting your skills and time to an organisation, we’d like […]

Loving One by One Mission Trips to Uganda

Uganda Mission Trip

Uganda is becoming a Christian nation in the heart of an Islamic continent. The economy is improving, but Uganda remains one of the poorest countries in the world. Although God is awakening the church to action, poverty is still rampant in Uganda, and lack of governmental funds to assist the unemployed perpetuates the cycle of […]

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