Share clean water and God’s love in Dominican Republic

Join us for a life changing experience in Dominican Republic.  Our team will be working with a local church to distribute water filters to families in need, and sharing the gospel using the filter. This is a unique and powerful experience both for the family and for our team members. The family is amazed at […]

India Impact Trip

India is a land of extreme opposites. As the economy develops and the country becomes more and more similar to North America, hundreds of millions are left behind in slums of poverty and living on less than $1 per day. In these situations, women and children become the most vulnerable. Combined with the overwhelming poverty […]

Summer Mission Trip to Malawi

Teen Trip (ages 13-19) Journey to Malawi, the “warm heart of Africa”. From the moment you arrive, you will feel the peace and friendliness that gives the country its name!

Summer Mission Trip to Zambia

Teen Trip (ages 13-19) Going where the people are, this unique team will combine practical care with a powerful proclamation of the Gospel to share Christ in the remote villages of Zambia’s around Lake Mweru.

Summer Mission Trip to Tanzania

Teen Trip (ages 13-19 Experience the opportunity to not only bless the Maasai and Chaga children surrounding our base with shoes, but in the same summer hike the foothills of the great “Jaro” and share the Gospel.

Bahamas Mission Trip – Hurricane Cleanup & Construction

In 2019, Hurricane Dorian directly hit the Bahamas and destroyed homes, schools, and churches. Its impact is still being deeply felt today. Bold Hope is looking for volunteers to join us as we help rebuild and support the local church on the ground.

Mission Trip to Sendai, Japan

In 2011, the Earth shook and Sendai was devastated by a powerful tsunami. And eight years later, the rebuilding continues… This mission team will be laboring with OPC missionaries in Sendai to continue to aid in the rebuilding and clean-up efforts in this city and most importantly the team will be laboring with the saints […]

Group Week of Hope Charleston, South Carolina

Located along the beautiful Atlantic coastline, Charleston, South Carolina, is known for its rich blend of history, faith, and scenery. Sites such as Rainbow Row and the Charleston Battery are breathtaking and memorable. Some places have even appeared in the films The Notebook and The Patriot. Not far away you’ll find North Charleston, a fast-paced […]

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