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Belize Dental Clinic

Volunteer missionary Dentists, Hygienists and Assistants needed for our Belize Dental Clinic. Serve with us for one week, one month or longer. Come and serve alongside our full-time missionary dentist, Dr. David Ugai. Operating in partnership with local churches and the Ministry of Health, our clinic staff are able to show the love of Jesus by caring for physical needs, while establishing connections through which ministries of evangelism and discipleship can take place. Situated on the country’s southeastern coastline, the Independence location is vital. As the only clinic within a 60-mile radius, it is unique in that it is open year-round, with an affordable fee schedule. It is equipped with eight dental chairs, making it large enough to handle entire families and groups of villagers who will be bused in for care. GHSDC will serve as a home base for medical, dental, chiropractic, work teams, prison outreach, and health education programs in schools and villages. In Belize, 65% of the population is 15 years old or younger. Most children have never seen a dentist in their entire lives, and that goes for most adults too! To see a dentist they have to travel sometimes 100’s of miles by bus at a cost that they cannot afford. They have also never seen a dental hygienist which is also important for cleaning and teaching. Nestled beside the Caribbean Sea, Belize seems idyllic. Yet due to lack of economic opportunity, its hard-working population are kept from thriving. Remote villages have very limited access to consistent and quality healthcare. And, like many parts of Latin America, most have not heard the Gospel message. With an average family income of $5,000 per year, Belizeans are in need of quality, affordable dental and health care. That’s why Steve and Annette Kohl, missionaries with Global Outreach Mission, manage the Global Health Services Clinic in Independence. We have all of the equipment and instruments that we need. We also have 5 mobile units to take dentistry and dental hygiene into the villages surrounding Independence Village. This equipment has a value of more than $300,000 if replaced. We are now seeking monthly supporters to help carry the monthly operating cost of this important medical ministry as well as medical professionals to come and serve in both career and short-term opportunities.  


Global Outreach Mission started the Global Health Services Clinic in Independence, Belize. Its the only dental clinic within a 60 mile radius, it is equipped with five dental chairs and large enough to handle entire families and groups of villagers who can be bused in for care.


Global Health Services welcomes dentists, dental assistants and hygienists to voluntarily serve with us. Many people choose to volunteer for one week, however there is also opportunity for those who are able to serve for two weeks, two months or more. Long term dentists and dental hygienists are also needed to serve in the clinic and village-based dental outreach.


Dentists, Dental Assistants and Dental Hygienists are needed.

What We Will Do

The clinic is fully equipped with a dental lab, in-clinic accessories and mobile units. the dental ministry seeks to serve those who come through its doors and those in villages who cannot visit the clinic.

Contact: Butch Jarrell
Organization: MissionGO
Phone: 716-688-5048
P.O. Box 2010

Buffalo NY14231-2010

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