Christian Children’s Center Moscow

We are a part of the ANNUNCIATION Baptists Church, a special Children’s Ministry with a long-term development vision. This is full day, 5 days/week Christian Children’s Center (CCC) with 2 main goals: 1. To teach and lead OUR children to Christ, 2. To attract children and parents OUTSIDE the church to Christ through this Ministry. We are going to develop our CCC to provide local children and their parents (Christians and non-Christians) with a high standard services such as kindergarten, preparation to primary school, support of children with disabilities, different languages’ and educational courses, consultancy, etc. Our long-term vision is establishing a primary and secondary school.


ANNUNCIATION Baptists Church (Address: Ambulatornaya street 53, Novoivanovskoye, Odintsovo region, Moscow oblast’, Russia) Our Church is located in the Western border of Moscow city and Moscow region. Our Christian Children’s Center is located in the main Church building.


The dates are flexible during the year. We are able to schedule convenient dates in advance.


Skills and experience in Children’s Ministries (age from 2 to 6) is a must! Good communicator with Children. Just note that our children are Russian speakers solely. That means you must be able to communicate with them either in Russian or in English as a teacher of English. We need teachers of English, Music, Dancing, Sports and other subjects and activities for children.

What We Will Do

You’ll be involved in a Christian Children’s Center (CCC) activity as a teacher as well as a helper to the main staff. Our CCC is open from 8 AM to 6 PM, 5 days a week. We’re expecting that a volunteer will be conducting his/her subject at least several hrs.per week (we are flexible to discuss and accept the program and schedule that a volunteer brings). At least half a day he/she is involved as a helper. We’ll do our best to organize this Mission interesting and involve a volunteer in different Church Ministries according to his/her wishes and gifts.

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