• Come to Kenya and experience life in a Masai reserve - Kenya  - Mission Finder

  • Come to Kenya and experience life in a Masai reserve - Kenya  - Mission Finder

  • Come to Kenya and experience life in a Masai reserve - Kenya  - Mission Finder

  • Come to Kenya and experience life in a Masai reserve - Kenya  - Mission Finder

Come to Kenya and experience life in a Masai reserve

Come to Kenya and experience life in a Masai reserve. On this project you will be living and working within the Masai community on the Masai Land. Live with a family and enjoy a cultural exchange and if you choose to, get involved with a school or project within the community. Get a unique insight into the daily life of Kenya’s Masai community with this fulfilling and eye-opening project.

What volunteer work can I do?

Most volunteers will visit a school at some point during their stay, whether simply to meet the children, repair something or help with an activity session or class although you do not need to be involved with teaching to be successful in Kenya. It is as much about being a positive visitor to a marginalized community and giving confidence to local people.

For those who would like to teach, volunteers usually focus on the younger and primary school age group. Classes take place in fairly rustic classrooms which are often little more than metal shacks so bring any materials you can from home. Cheap notepads and pencils can be bought after arrival before you arrive at your village to save on precious luggage allowances.

In addition, no one will be judging your teaching in this environment. The children receive very little, if any, education when volunteers are not taking classes so every class or activity is very precious. Most volunteers who have taught have focused on basic Maths (3+5=8 and the time tables) and basic English (copying from the board, spelling tests).

Can I help with building projects?

There are always projects on the go which need finishing or urgently starting. Volunteers have built toilets, laid floors in schools and built classrooms. Soil erosion and the draining away of valuable water on crops is a constant challenge. Volunteers have worked to limit this with irrigation systems, dug ditches and built protective barriers for crops.

Things can be achieved quickly in Kenya, a group from Butlins (the UK holiday park) built a library from scratch in just 5 days!

If you’re building please try and raise some money from home. There is no local funding available so everything which has been built so far has come mostly from volunteers generously financing projects. There is an urgent need for a water borehole in the Olasiti community where there is now a new orphanage.

What else can I do?

Hang out with your host family! Engage, chat, help with the midday meal, learn to milk the goat, play with the younger children while mum is busy and share stories. Did you know that the first host families asked every volunteer how many goats they had at home! Getting to know your host family is an essential part of the experience and can reveal a lot about how this unique community lives.

Skills and Experience, specific skills and experience are not needed. This project is very flexible, volunteers will be just as welcomed by living and sharing the daily family life. Any additional skills you have will be much appreciated and interesting. There is plenty of time in the afternoons and it isn’t all work, so think outside the box and bring some creative energy and ideas with you. Sports fans may want to introduce new sports, artists may want to be bringing art materials.

We have a wide selection of volunteer programmes; Teaching, Medical, Community Development, Cultural and Environmental Conservation. Please inquire for more information.

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