Ships Ministry: Logos Hope – 2nd and 3rd Engineers

Join our international team of 400 people from 50 different nationalities. We’re investing in young people and the opportunity to use and grow in your technical skills to keep a life-changing ministry operating. Being part of the on-board community, you will receive personal input through daily team devotions and other ship events as well as the opportunity to experience the culture of the international crew and staff and the countries the ship visits.


Join OM Ships International on board the ship, Logos Hope. Sail from port to port all over the world, to share knowledge, help and hope through literature resources and needed relief in the form of aid and community care.


This is an ongoing opportunity. We are in need of Engineers aboard the Logos Hope as soon as the application and joining process allows.


Required Qualifications: 1) STCW III/1 Marine Engineering 2) STCW V/3 Crisis Management and Human Behaviour • Responsibilities fall In Port, At Sea and as well as for Emergencies • Good English ability, both in spoken and written form

What We Will Do

In Port – Work under the leadership of the 1st Engineer and taking full responsibility for maintenance work performed on assigned machinery. – Perform on-call day and night duties as stipulated by the 1st Engineer in the Engineer’s Duty Roster. – Whilst performing such duties, he shall ensure that the Watch keeping Motormen conduct their watches efficiently and are fully aware of their responsibilities and that any particular work given to them by the 1st Engineer is completed satisfactorily. He shall also answer any calls from the Watch keepers for advice or assistance. – Ensure that all records of maintenance, running hours and spares are entered into the computerised planned maintenance and stores system for the equipment under his care. At Sea: – Performing watch keeping duties in the various machinery spaces as required by the Chief Engineer and to be responsible to him for the safe and efficient operation of all machinery and systems in his care. – Ensure that the various Machinery Spaces logbooks are filled in correctly to the requirements of the Chief Engineer. – As necessary, complete the various checks indicated on the sailing and arrival in port checklists Emergency Responsibilities: – Carry out duties as assigned on the Emergency Station Bill. – Participating in emergency drills, including Fire and Abandon Ship, and other ISM required training and drills.

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