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  • Giving to Moldova - Moldova  - Mission Finder

Giving to Moldova

The annual CERI Shoe Mission has become a beloved tradition among our supporters and friends. This year’s Shoe Mission is no different! The volunteers will have the opportunity to select their week of service in Moldova, as this year’s mission will be spread over two consecutive weeks. The hard work, long days and spiritual service will be rewarding as we serve 10,000 orphans and vulnerable children living in villages, orphanages and children’s shelters across Moldova. Each child will receive a pair of much-needed boots and socks. The Shoe Mission complements CERI’s ongoing work among vulnerable children, youth and families in Moldova.




December 1 to December 9 and December 9 to December 17,2017



What We Will Do

CERI has conducted Shoe Missions to the Republic of Moldova since 1999. Back then, this response was triggered by the deplorable condition of the 20,000+ children living in 70 orphanages across this small country. Lack of proper winter boots and gloves left frostbite marks on orphan children’s hands and feet every winter. The CERI Shoe Missions, conducted every other year in Moldova, protected the institutionalized children from frostbite. Since then, the Moldovan Government implemented the national de-institutionalization reform and reduced the number of children in orphanages to 5,000. CERI volunteers still provide winter boots to those children today!

Over the last 17 years, CERI organized 20 Shoe Missions to eight countries around the world and deployed 600 volunteers to serve over 100,000 children in need of winter boots.

Contact: Angela Mahoney
Phone: 210-231-5366
1506 Bexar Crossing

San Antonio TX 78232
United States

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