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  • Grace Girls Home in Haiti - Haiti  - Mission Finder

Grace Girls Home in Haiti

49 young ladies presently reside in the Grace Girls Home located in Carrefour’s Lamentin Grace Village campus. In the home, the young ladies are given the essential life skills to succeed as leaders and people of impact. After completing High School, Grace seeks sponsors to financially help the young ladies attend University or other post-secondary school. Successful graduates include a medical doctor, an RN, a High School Science teacher and several business majors.

Not all our ladies have sponsors who can afford to donate the cost of University or trade school. Anyone who might like to assist with post-secondary school education is encouraged to contact us. If you’re not able to come, please consider helping us financially. Grace International, Inc. is a Nationally ECFA accredited non-profit 501(c)(3) Christian, humanitarian and empowering organization registered in the State of Florida, with its main operations in the Country of Haiti for more than 43 years and also serving the needy people through several outreach ministries in Dade and Broward and Treasure Cost Counties of South Florida.

Our mission is to follow the command of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in working with the poorest of the poor and oppressed, promoting human transformation by breaking the cycle of spiritual darkness, poverty, sickness, chronicle-dependency and ignorance, as we RESCUE, RELIEVE, RESTORE and EMPOWER.




Trips are available year round. Please contact us with your availability.

You can also view our mission schedule here.


No skills are required but experiences are always a plus.

What We Will Do

We offer a wide range of activities from worship and evangelism, to work projects and community outreach; from visiting people in homes, praying for families, visiting hospitals and praying for the sick, visiting schools, orphan homes and elderly widows to minister the love of God.

We welcome carpenters, electricians, plumbers, construction workers, roofers, painters, teachers, ministers, medical professionals or anyone willing to serve in a mission field, we have many urgent projects waiting for help.

Contact: Joel Jeune
Organization: Grace International Inc.
Phone: 954-394-8929
PO BOX 694137

Miami, Florida 33269

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