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  • Grace Widows Home - Haiti  - Mission Finder

Grace Widows Home

At our Waney campus, we operate a home for women whose spouses have passed away, leaving them with no one to turn to. These widows are part of our Grace family, and though some of them keep themselves busy assisting with the care of our boys, most of them are too weak to do any work.

If you’re not able to come, please consider helping us financially. Grace International, Inc. is a Nationally ECFA accredited non-profit 501(c)(3) Christian, humanitarian and empowering organization registered in the State of Florida, with its main operations in the Country of Haiti for more than 43 years and also serving the needy people through several outreach ministries in Dade and Broward and Treasure Cost Counties of South Florida.

Our mission is to follow the command of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in working with the poorest of the poor and oppressed, promoting human transformation by breaking the cycle of spiritual darkness, poverty, sickness, chronicle-dependency and ignorance, as we RESCUE, RELIEVE, RESTORE and EMPOWER.

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