Group Workcamp Moonsocket, Rhode Island

The Blackstone River Valley has a long history in the world of manufacturing and commerce.

By the mid-1800s, Woonsocket was one of the largest textile manufacturing centers in the United States, but it did not escape the Great Depression. Industry was a draw for immigrants seeking to establish a better life for themselves. French Canadians first arrived in the 1840’s, followed by African American immigrants who began to arrive as a part of the Great Migration. Since the 1980s, many Southeast Asian, Latinos, and African immigrants have been calling Woonsocket home.

City revitalization began in the 1990s and has continued into the 21st century, including housing renovation projects as well as focused improvements to the greater community.

Help the residents of Woonsocket realize this future and bring the vision to reality as you become part of a greater purpose through home repairs for the people of the Blackstone Valley.

For ages 14+


Participants will stay in a facility that is partially air-conditioned so you’ll want to bring some fans. The lodging facility has 6 indoor, open, showers for females. We are building outdoor showers for males with individual stalls. If you’re worried about modesty, bring those swimsuits! Guys will definitely want to bring shower shoes. Everyone will be sleeping on floors, gender separate, so bring your air mattresses!


July 18th – July 24th 2021


Your participants will provide home repairs at no cost for elderly, disabled, and disadvantaged people who need your help. Work crews typically serve the same resident for the entire trip, creating an environment where meaningful relationships develop. Most projects are designed to be completed during the trip, allowing your group to experience the satisfaction of a job well done. You’ll serve the needs of others through projects like interior and exterior painting, building or repairing porches and wheelchair ramps, building or repairing steps, weatherization and other home repairs. No skills are needed!

What We Will Do

How You’ll Serve

Projects include painting, construction of ramps and porches, and other home repairs. The impact you will have on an entire community will be truly powerful for you and your group.

Our Partner

This long-standing agency is affiliated with many others that serve around the country. They have been developing affordable housing for almost 30 years. Financial coaching and foreclosure prevention assistance are also in their expertise. This will be our third summer of partnership with this partner in Woonsocket.

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