• Help Bring Hope, Love and Support to Peru - Peru  - Mission Finder

  • Help Bring Hope, Love and Support to Peru - Peru  - Mission Finder

  • Help Bring Hope, Love and Support to Peru - Peru  - Mission Finder

  • Help Bring Hope, Love and Support to Peru - Peru  - Mission Finder

  • Help Bring Hope, Love and Support to Peru - Peru  - Mission Finder

Help Bring Hope, Love and Support to Peru

In August of 2007, an 8.0 earthquake did severe damage to the Ica Region of Perú, specifically the two provinces of Pisco and Ica (both within Region of Ica). A major reason that this earthquake was so destructive was not only it’s intensity, but also where it hit.

Much of the construction in this area is made up of adobe, basically mud brick. And since it is such an arid area (allowing mud brick construction that would not survive in a wet climate), much of these adobe buildings are quite old, adding to their dryness.

The earthquake struck off the coast of Ica’s Pisco province, bringing in fact a major tsunami through the fishing village of San Andres, which is the coastal part of the small city of Pisco where our founder was born.

Latin America Missions Association (LAMA) became committed to building a mission/community center to service the earthquake damaged farming village not only of El Carmen, where the property is located but for other surrounding villages (Los Olivos, San Pedro, Invacion, Altura, etc.), all within the northern part of San Juan Bautista district of Ica Perú.

We are uniquely focused on this geographic area, to come alongside those that have so little and give them hope and awareness of love and support from other places.

We welcome all missionary visitors, short or long term, that would like to work with and help the local villagers.  We are in fact about to open a resident building for long term missionaries that would like to live right at the mission.  We look forward to being partnered with your church, your community.

Also with the new round the clock missionary resident management now a reality, just pick your time and we can help you with any further input or planning. We even make your stay in Lima, first stop for many, as cost effective as possible. We can take care of your group from when you land to when you take off, as long as it’s focused on Lima and Ica.

If you are more interested in long term mission work, we definitely want to talk to you. We can use help! Would love to discuss your interest, skills, desires. There are so many areas of needs that can be fulfilled with additional long-term missionaries. We are a bible based christian organization which seeks to bring the love of Jesus to as many people that we can reach.  Come on down!


El Carmen, San Juan Bautista, Ica, Peru


Mission is staffed 12 months of the year. For short term trips, some times might be better than others for reception but we are building on staff hopefully to fix that.


Evangelism, working with children, teaching, music, construction, dental/medical, sports, counseling, and more. We have a use for everyone who have a love of people, children, families, and want to better the lives of others. We seek to show these people in all ways possible how much Jesus loves them.

What We Will Do

We spend a lot of time with children, who are very interested in God’s Word, Soccer, movies, helping, and many activities that we create. We hope to foster a construction ministry to help with many of the homes here that need new walls, ceilings, floors and more. Teaching english is welcome, Music skills, choir, drums, guitar, keyboard. We tune the delivery of what we do as much to the skills of those coming and the time that they are here.

Contact: Lily Silverthorn
Phone: 858-270-2345
3952 Clairemont Mesa Blvd # 135

San Diego CA 92117

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