Inspiro Arts Alliance – Incarnate 2022

Incarnate is a carefully honed program designed by artists for artists who are passionate about seeing vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached and marginalized. Created for artists from all cultures, the experience is intensive, holistic discipleship and ministry training in community with other accomplished artists gathered from around the world.




August 20, 2022 – December 10, 2022


Skill in your art form. Formal training is not required, but an audition of your work will be part of the application process. Serious about personal growth in your relationship with God. Accountability, spiritual disciplines, and a heart open to challenges and growth. A passion for global missions and desire to see the least reached and marginalized experience hope and reconciliation in Jesus. Love learning and enjoy working with other people. Want to use the arts to honor and collaborate with other cultures. Artistic collaboration with artists from a variety of backgrounds and cultures is a feature of Incarnate. Readiness to grow in your approach to ministry and learn how to prioritize your strategy based on local community needs. Requires humility and a willingness to learn from others as well as a respect for local leadership. Flexible and willing to be creative in a new environment. Adapt to changing and challenging environments and collaborate with people of different backgrounds.

What We Will Do

Incarnate is an artist’s journey of discipleship, theology, and cross-cultural ministry. Grow in your skill as an artist and understand the significance of your artistry in God’s eyes. Learn the theology of creativity and arts in the kingdom of God. Develop an approach for engaging the world through your artistic skill – particularly as a cross-cultural servant to the least-reached and marginalized. You will learn from experienced cross-cultural artists practicing ministry in a variety of contexts while also learning to express, challenge, and encourage yourself and others in new ways through your art form. The course takes place over two locations: a two-month residency of coursework, studio time, and community life followed by a two-month placement collaborating with local artists alongside an OM team. The following tracks are currently offered. These categories are open to artists and genres from any culture: Music, Visual Arts, Dance, Theatre, Producer (Arts Facilitator). Specific details can be found at

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