Jamaica experience

Assisting a missionary reaching out to all ages with christian movies to schools and churches. Opportunities abound and evangelism can reach all ages.


Ministering in the poorer areas in Jamaica and reaching into lives of both broken, poor and seemingly abandoned.


The dates are open to your schedule. During the school year is practical but reaching out in the summer reaches all ages


A love of Jesus Christ and a good knowledge of the Bible. Willing to interact with all ages and all social levels as you live and show the love of Jesus by helping those in need.

What We Will Do

Assisting the Missionary outside Kingston to present the Gospel through Christian DVD’s to all ages. Freely minister in School Assemblies, Church functions and other avenues which open up to the showing. Working with groups to assist in their ministry to teach children and reach out to teens with the life changing message of the Gospel. When needs arise in the community, offer your services to help those with menial tasks around their home. Put the Love of Jesus Christ in they work gloves.

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