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Jesus Film Mission Trips – Embrace Eastern Europe

Join us in the heart of Eastern Europe where many identify with the Christian faith, but few know Christ in a personal way. From its unique architecture, to its hospitable people, to its gleaming mountain tops, Eastern Europe is a fascinating location. Using the Jesus Film® app, we will reach out to Eastern European university students hungry to experience purpose in their lives. Our desire is to engage with these students in such a way that our in-country staff and volunteers can continue the relationship and spiritual investment in these students’ lives after our team departs for home. Our group also will have a couple of opportunities to invite interested students to film festivals where we will discuss engaging spiritually themed short films in a welcoming environment. Step out in faith and take an adventure that you will never forget, all the while reaching the world for Christ.

We have room for one more woman, then the trip is full. Apply before August 31, 2018 to receive $300 toward the trip cost (nonrefundable and non-transferable).


Eastern Europe


Oct 3, 2018 – Oct 17, 2018


We will train you how to use the Jesus film app on the mission trip.

What We Will Do

Jesus Film Mission Trips will provide you training in using the Jesus Film app on this mission trip. Learn how easy it is to initiate conversations, have a spiritual conversation and transition to a simple gospel presentation.


Contact: Trip Leader
Organization: Jesus Film Mission Trips
Phone: 866-622-8747
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