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Jesus Film Mission Trips – Latin American Adventure, Panama

The Central American country of Panama is a melting pot of many different ethnic groups including indigenous people and those who have immigrated over the years, including Afro-Caribbeans, Arabs and Asians. The capital and largest city is Panama City, whose metro area is home to nearly half of the country\’s 3.6 million people. About 75-85 percent of the population identifies as Roman Catholic, but there also are many other religions present. With the variety of beliefs practiced in Panama, and specifically Panama City, there is a significant need to present a clear presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who have never heard the truth. We invite you to join our team to reach out to the Panamanian people. We plan a variety of activities including pastor/student leader training, speaking with university students, and assisting with church outreach ministries. We also will have opportunities to show the JESUS film to Panamanian families. On this trip you will learn how to use the Jesus Film Media™ app, so you can show short films in their language to help open spiritual conversations. The official language is Spanish, though many speak English as well. It is a plus if you happen to speak some Spanish, and the tools we use will help bridge the gap. Come on this Panama adventure with us to share God’s love and experience a new way of evangelism.




Departing the USA October 13, 2017 and returning October 26, 2017.


Must speak English. The ability to speak some Spanish would be helpful, but its not required.

What We Will Do

Jesus Film Mission Trips will provide you training in using the Jesus Film app on this mission trip. Learn who easy it is to initiate conversations, have a spiritual conversation and transition to a simple gospel presentation.

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