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Jesus Film Mission Trips – Nomadic Trail

In a land overflowing with mountains and rivers, the descendants of thousands of Asian minority people groups reside. The JESUS film has been dubbed into the local language, making it the first film in their own dialect! The first showings amazed community leaders, and the film has been passed throughout the country and across borders. Still, very few people living in this region have seen or heard of JESUS. The vast majority will never hear unless there is outside assistance.

Our team will establish relationships with university students and young professionals through a variety of activities (hosting conversational English clubs, viewing short films using the Jesus Film® app, sharing our testimonies, etc.). From there we will look for open doors to share the gospel.

Local ministry partners will accompany our team and will continue relationships with students who show an interest in spiritual things, ultimately establishing house churches. This trip is for the Christian who desires to serve national believers by bringing the message of Jesus to those who never have had the opportunity to hear. If you speak proficient English and are willing to give two weeks of your year to make a lasting contribution, please consider joining us. Come help us build friendships that move beyond the classroom setting.



Central Asia


Departing the USA September 22, 2017 and returning October 6, 2017.


We will train you during the trip. It’s so easy you be able to train others after a few practice sessions.

What We Will Do

Jesus Film Mission Trips offers in the field training in the use of Jesus Film tools for evangelism. Come learn how to have engaging spiritual conversations that more easily lead to full gospel presentations. Initiating conversations using the Jesus film app and leading those interested in spiritual things through a simple gospel presentation. We will be working with in-country staff to ensure ongoing follow up.

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