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Jesus Film Mission Trips – Panama World Youth Day

More than 3 million individuals will flood Panama City for the 2019 International World Youth Day. Almost doubling the population of the capital city of Panama, located in Central America, these attendees are actively seeking answers to their questions about God.

Jesus Film® has the opportunity to be a part of International World Youth Day. Using Jesus Film tools and resources, we will engage these young people in spiritual conversations and point them toward the ultimate truth—Christ Himself. There is a need for people to hear the gospel, and International World Youth Day presents us with a perfect opportunity to reach out to those already interested in learning about the Lord!

Don’t miss out on this chance to take part in proclaiming Christ at one of the world’s most influential events.

Family-Friendly for ages 8+


Panama City, Panama


Jan 20, 2019 – Jan 27, 2019


We will train you how to use the Jesus film app on the mission trip.

What We Will Do

Jesus Film Mission Trips will provide you training in using the Jesus Film app on this mission trip. Learn how easy it is to initiate conversations, have a spiritual conversation and transition to a simple gospel presentation.

Contact: Trip Leader
Organization: Jesus Film Mission Trips
Phone: 866-622-8747
100 Lake Hart Drive

Orlando FL32832

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