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Jesus Film Mission Trips – Latin American Adventure, Argentina

Buenos Aires, the beautiful capital city of Argentina, is considered a top tourist destination featuring European-style architecture. With nearly half of Argentina’s population of 15 million in Buenos Aires, we will focus our efforts there.

We plan a variety of activities in Buenos Aires including speaking with university students and venturing out into some neighborhoods. Using the Jesus Film® app, you will be able to show short films in their language to help open spiritual conversations. You will learn how to use the app on this trip. It is a plus if you happen to speak some Spanish, and the tools we use will help bridge the gap.

Come on this Argentina adventure with us and experience a new way of evangelism.

This is a family-friendly mission trip – for ages 1 and above, accompanied by their parent.


Buenos Aires, the beautiful capital city of Argentina


November 3, 2017 to November 16, 2017


Must speak English. The ability to speak some Spanish would be helpful, but its not required.

What We Will Do

Jesus Film Mission Trips will provide you training in using the Jesus Film app on this mission trip. Learn how easy it is to initiate conversations, have a spiritual conversation and transition to a simple gospel presentation.

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