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Legal Volunteers to Serve in India

Have a heart for justice and a mind for legal matters? We need legal volunteers to serve in India. This team of lawyers, law students, paralegals, and secretaries will partner with IMPACT Ministries where they will collaborate on real cases to defend the powerless of the lowest caste. A two-week trip with the option to extend, this will be a tangible opportunity to make a difference.

Sudheer and Regina, national missionaries with Global Outreach Mission, are uniquely called by God to serve and care for the Dalit community in ways that no agency or mission has done. As they live amidst the Dalit in Madhira – teaching, training, advocating, church planting and discipling – they are imparting more than just knowledge and skills. Doing double-duty as ordained ministers and practicing lawyers, they are ensuring that those who cannot defend themselves receive support and representation in the fight for equality and justice.

Would you be interested in partnering with Sudheer & Regina to work on actual cases and make a difference in the name of Jesus? Experience India and witness firsthand the lives of people making a difference and make a difference yourself.

We plan to meet together by Skype regarding team expectations and to provide cultural training as well as to review program and set up etc.


Contact: Rachel Jenecek
Phone: 716-688-5048

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