Ministry in the Heart of Athens, Greece

Follow in the footsteps of the apostle Paul and labor for Christ in the historic city of Athens, Greece! This team will work with local churches to reach an ever growing community of refugees and people in need.


Athens, Greece


Late May to Mid-June 2018 approximately.


Greece has faced and is facing many struggles. First, they have been confronted with great economic challenges that has resulted in many people being in need, second, they find themselves with a large influx of refugees in need of help. This team must be comprised of men and women with a servant’s heart and ready to lend a hand.

What We Will Do

You will partner with a local church that is actively laboring to provide for those in need and demonstrate the love of Christ to their neighbors whether they be Greek or refugees that have been uprooted from their homes. This congregation not only is faithfully proclaiming the gospel and leading bible studies, but they have kitchens established to feed those in need and shelters established for women and children most at risk. Please consider being part of this mission.

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