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Mission School Teacher in Central Asia

Use your skills as a school teacher in a mission school providing educational and pastoral support to missionary children.

We are looking for newly qualified or experienced primary or secondary school teachers. Someone ready to meet the challenges of working in an international school with children of mission workers. It is of course more than enabling parents to fulfill their calling and ministry, teachers have an important role in proving the pastoral and spiritual support that our children need.

Qualities are adaptability, working in a close team, being creative with limited resources, building a caring community with teachers and students. Roles are within vibrant Central Asian capital cities where there is wider opportunity to be involved with what God is doing in that nation.

You will be supporting the mission community, allowing other workers to stay in these cities, pastoral support. A stipend is paid that largely covers living expenses in Central Asia!

Contact: UK Office Team
Phone: 01892 545509

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