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Nanny needed for family in Baja California, Mexico

Our family moved to Baja California, Mexico in April 2008. We started out as volunteers at a local Christian orphanage that houses 120 children, but soon founded our own ministry, Siloé Ministries, a free Christian health clinic and counseling center. We provide medical and dental care and we plan outreaches to the surrounding communities, including health fairs, mobile clinics, Christmas events, food distribution, and health education.

Our ministry is currently housed on the grounds of our local Christian church, but we are building a brand-new 6,000 sq. ft. Wellness Center in our village that will house a clinic, community center, playground and gardens. Annually, we host dozens of missions teams and hundreds of volunteers, both in our clinic and at the construction site of our future Wellness Center.

We are active members of our local non-denominational fellowship. Both Brendan and Sarah occasionally translate in service and Brendan preaches a few times per year.  Brendan does consulting work from home (20 hours/week) to support our family’s needs and occasionally travels on business. He also runs our ministry’s administrative and fundraising efforts and manages the Wellness Center construction project/volunteers.

Sarah is medical director and primary practitioner at our community clinic. In addition to seeing patients regularly, she manages all medical missions groups and volunteers.

Grace (2006) has been home schooled since Kindergarten. She uses an online curriculum and is very computer savvy. She is passionate about animals! She is learning to play flute and loves listening to Christian music. Noemi (2009) is great at making us laugh! She also does homeschool online. She is social and loves her weekly dance class at our church. Abiela (Abi) (2012) is very active and full of life. She attends a bilingual preschool in our community three mornings per week.

We also have two dogs: an elderly, loving black lab, and a very energetic and friendly retriever mix! Hopefully our nanny likes dogs!

We are self-funded missionaries, relying on the freelance work of Brendan (marketing consulting and writing) for our family’s needs. The nanny would be responsible for child care and home schooling minimally 4 – 5 full-days a week (while Sarah is at clinic and Brendan is working from home) or when Sarah has emergency patients to attend to, when Brendan is managing our ministry construction project, preaching, translating, etc. Most weekends she would be free to socialize, participate in other ministries, take Spanish classes, or get involved in the community. During the spring and summer months we host a lot of volunteer groups on weekends that would require weekend work, but we are very careful to make sure our nannies have sufficient time-off for relaxation, prayer-time and personal tasks. Our goal is that our nannies have at least 2 full days of rest per week.

We are located one hour south of the San Diego-Tijuana border, along a safe, toll-road. Our family home (as well as the clinic site) is a 1-mile walk to the beach and we’re near hiking trails.

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Contact: Sarah Mayer
Organization: Mission Nannys
Phone: (US) 619.618.2076 (Mexico) 52.646.155.0242
PO Box 2789

La Jolla CA92038

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