• New Vision Urban Mission Trips in San Diego - California  - Mission Finder

  • New Vision Urban Mission Trips in San Diego - California  - Mission Finder

  • New Vision Urban Mission Trips in San Diego - California  - Mission Finder

  • New Vision Urban Mission Trips in San Diego - California  - Mission Finder

  • New Vision Urban Mission Trips in San Diego - California  - Mission Finder

New Vision Urban Mission Trips in San Diego

New Vision Urban Missions offers year-round short-term urban mission trips. We host groups of 15 to 100 from all over the US.  Mission teams expand the ministry and partnerships of New Vision Christian Fellowship, a multi-ethnic outreach oriented urban church located in San Diego, CA.

New Vision Urban Missions works with thousands participants from all over the United States. We only host trips here in San Diego and serve in this region. That means that the resources you bring stay here. They don’t end up funding another organization in another state that has no real presence here. We don’t just show up here for the summer to give you an experience and then leave.

We are church-based. We minister here year-round. You serve alongside our existing ministries. We can follow up on the ministry we do together. You amplify our ability to do Kingdom work. We expose you to effective ways to engage hard-to-reach populations in your own community. And a source of revenue is created that allows us to continue to fund ministries.

We have a ton of experience. Most of our leadership team has been doing urban ministry here in San Diego for over 10 years… and several for as long as 20 years. Five of our staff pastors are skilled trip facilitators. And mission teams have always been a vital part of our ministry strategy. We are well known in our ministry sites. Our partnerships with other ministries and community organizations are active and well-established.

The way we use interns is different. Our interns are not airdropped into an unfamiliar community with limited access to our staff. We don’t send our interns to another state to serve. We bring interns here to work alongside us. We invest in and disciple our interns. They are not glorified tour guides. They are learning how to do what we do and do it with excellence.

We offer a fully facilitated program. A full-time staff pastor with a passion and vision for specifically for this program oversees and plans your trip. We can scale back our facilitation if you want to “run the show” but find that many trip leaders would rather take the opportunity to invest in their group than worrying about the details. Having dedicated program and volunteer staff allows us to take you places and do things that wouldn’t be otherwise safe for your group.

We collaborate. You aren’t here to serve us, nor or we just here to serve you. Together WE serve this community. As a church, New Vision is a model of community collaboration. We work with public schools, local businesses, regional churches, and various community groups. We see your trip and working with your group as just another form of collaboration.

We are truly year-round. We operate on the ebb and flow of the entire year, not just the school year and traditional breaks. There are very few times during the year when we wouldn’t host a group… even the holidays are fair game. This is because mission teams are an integral part of our ministry strategy and some of our biggest outreaches are around the holidays. We can also accomodate everything from a partial day to a week (or more). We can offer weekend trips in any month. Groups from as far away as Vegas and the Bay Area can make it here for a long weekend. The busy seasons are still Spring and Summer, but in San Diego… the weather is usually great most of the year which makes for easy travel.

We tailor-fit the trip planning to the specific group of people you are bringing. We take the time to build rapport with your group, accomodate your group dynamics, and adjust to stay within your risk-threshold. You are coming alongside a congregation with more than 30 active ministries, most of which have an outreach component. Well-networked in our community, we can match your group’s talents and experience to the greatest needs.

We understand the “safety” thing. If you are bringing young people here, we get that it is a sacred trust to have other people’s kids in your care. You put a lot of credibility on the line to take them anywhere, let alone a major city. We know our community and have the experience to offer a safe, memorable experience for your team. Safety is a huge priority for both the adults and the students who participate in our trips.

Our program offers a better value. We are not the cheapest trip out there. Our approach will raise the bar on your expectations for what your participants can bring home after investing the resources you worked so hard to raise into a trip with New Vision.

We can come up with a way to work with almost every group. Because we can offer trips year-round, we can offer you options and alternatives for a trip that can fit your budget. If you can’t afford to come for an entire week, even a day or a weekend will have an impact on your group and will make a difference in our ministry here.

Finally… we love what we do. Our staff is asking constantly… “When is the next team? Is that team that came last year coming back again? Is there a mission team this week?” Our congregation is delighted to acknowledge the teams that serve with New Vision.

Contact: Mike Haskins
Phone: 619-298-1125

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