Mission Trip to Kobe, Japan

This RP Mission team will labor with five small congregations to reach out with the gospel and also seek to build relationships with Christian brothers and sisters with the aim of seeing the saints encouraged. Team members will help with several vacation Bible schools, engage in literature distribution, and prepare and lead several Conversational English classes centered around a study of the Bible.

This team will help carry out vacation Bible schools, distribute tracts, attend a Youth Conference, share their testimonies, and present the gospel. Five congregations will benefit from the efforts of this team. A working knowledge of the Japanese language isn’t required (translators can be used) but if participants have some knowledge of the language it will multiply the opportunities to minister on the team.


Serving alongside five congregations around Kobe, Japan. The team will be housed in the heart of Kobe for easier access to the surrounding churches via trains.


The mission team will labor during their short summer break when most children are available to participate in outreach efforts.


Prepared to learn, a team player, possess a “servant’s heart”, already active and a baptized member in good standing in a Bible believing Church. Possesses a passion for reaching the “lost” with the gospel of Jesus Christ and for encouraging and mentoring brothers and sisters in Christ. Any skills in the Japanese language will only expand your relationship building capabilities.

What We Will Do

Our primary goal is to glorify Christ and serve His church. To that end, we will be helping several congregations to expand their reach into their local communities to present the gospel thru street evangelism, conversational English classes centered on Bible stories, vacation Bible schools, and through other special events that the host churches are planning. We benefit from the guidance of local church leadership in the construction of programs that will communicate effectively to those in the community and that will ensure our efforts are in harmony with the congregations we are seeking to serve. In addition the team will have opportunity to travel around the southern portion of the island to learn more about Japanese culture and better understand the needs that exist in this country where less than 2% know about Jesus.

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