Short Term Staff Position

At Radius International we believe that you “practice how you play.” Consequently, our missionary training program places a high value on learning in a foreign culture, Mexico. Buying food, making friends, and learning language and culture in a cross-cultural environment provides invaluable training for our students. Radius offers the kind of equipping that is essential for those who endeavor to plant a church among the unreached.


Major city in Mexico.


One “school year”–starts in Aug and goes to June with a five to six week winter break.


Radius Gap Year Interns will care for children during class hours (M-F, 8:00 am – 12:00 pm), with some other “as needed” childcare during afternoons, evenings and weekends. They will also prepare daily lesson plans for the children, help facilitate parent-led homeschool assignments, and maintain and clean the childcare areas. Other responsibilities involve helping with evening and weekend meals, upkeep of guest rooms and assisting with hosting visitors, along with other occasional tasks and opportunities. Guy will work in light duty maintenance projects, airport pickups, transporting students between campuses, buying materials, groceries, etc.

What We Will Do

At Radius we believe that you “practice how you play.” Our training program is located in Mexico so the students learn in a foreign culture. We want both spouses to receive the same training, so we are looking for childcare workers and facilities workers. We are asking God for young men & women who love Jesus, and who enjoy working with children, to serve the student and staff families. This is an exciting opportunity to participate in God’s plan to reach the world by enabling parents to focus on their training by taking care of their children while they are in class! In addition, Gap Year Interns will also learn more about God’s heart for the nations, the Spanish language and the Mexican culture. The interns live on campus in a dorm room with roommates. The daily work schedule is somewhat flexible, so GY Interns may complete one or two online college or Bible courses while at Radius. In addition, Radius staff will recommend specific reading or “assignments” as part of our discipleship care for short-term staff. This will be arranged on an individual basis and we anticipate this will be a valuable component of the time spent on our campus. Also, when possible, short-term staff will be given the opportunity to sit in on classes to learn more about church-planting among unreached people. Our interns often have the opportunity to accompany students or staff on cultural outings.

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