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Taiwan – Develop a Vision for Reaching Asia with the Gospel

Have you ever felt a tug on your heart to bring the gospel to Asia? This RP Mission team will be working with congregations in Taipei that have been active in such ministry for years and you can learn about their vision for seeing the region transformed through Jesus Christ.


Taipei, Taiwan – This mission team will work with several churches to aid them in outreach and to be mentored by the local church leaders with a view toward growing in your understanding of the spiritual needs in Asia and how to bring God’s Word to bear on those needs.


Held annually from mid-June thru mid to late-July. Space is limited, so please apply today at www.rpmissions.org/apply


Participants must be teachable and willing to submit to the local leadership of the churches we serve this summer. Language skills are not a must, but time will be spent in language acquisition classes and participants also need to a have good grasp of English to help teach ESL seminars.

What We Will Do

This trip is designed for individuals that have been feeling a tug to labor for Christ in Asia and who are desirous of learning more about the culture and how to carryout missions in an Asian context. The hosting congregations are very active and can teach you much about best practices and aid you in honing your vision for serving Christ in Asia. Much of your time will be spent building relationships with church members, helping with their ESL ministries, and participating in midweek outreach and inreach activities.

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