Travel the Road – Return to Africa

Timothy Scott and William Decker Return to Africa and embark on an expedition from another time. Their mission is to reach the Hadzabe bushmen of northern Tanzania. This visceral and poetic journey highlights the marvels and wonders of Africa.

Travel the Road is a groundbreaking Christian reality series that follows the lives of missionaries, Timothy Scott and William Decker, as they journey to the ends of the earth to preach the Gospel. Now airing on TBN, Daystar, INSP, Netflix and many more, Travel the Road has an expansive worldwide audience. With such a vast reach, and millions of viewers this has given us the opportunity to promote missions as a lifestyle and encourage many to be active in accomplishing the Great Commission.

Travel the Road is only made possible through your support. With your tax deductible donation you help to fund new Gospel Expeditions and produce new episodes that are broadcast worldwide.

All of our episodes are available on DVD on our website for individual purchase.

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