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  • Vision Trust College Spring Break Orphan Care Team Peru - Peru  - Mission Finder

Vision Trust College Spring Break Orphan Care Team Peru

What makes Peru fascinating amongst the South American nations is the ancient civilizations that have inhabited its beautiful countryside, Andean Mountain Ranges, and Amazonian Rainforests. Visitors from around the world come to see the Incan Empire’s lost city on Machu Picchu, the adobe ruins of the Chan Chan people, and the mysterious Nazca Lines. Even though Spanish is the official language, over 100 different dialects are still spoken in the country.

While extremely rich in culture and beauty, Peru carries a long history of death, war, and oppression amongst its people. Woven through Peru’s past are the cannibal Wari People, the Incas who performed human sacrifice, the violent conquests of the Spanish, and most recently, the murder of thousands from 1980 – 1999 when the terrorist group known as “Shining Path” led a violent revolt against the Peruvian government.

Today 28% of Peru’s families live in a state of material poverty, earning only a few dollars a day. Unfortunately, alcoholism is prevalent amongst youth and adults, and drug-trafficking presents a tempting solution to many people’s financial difficulties. Children are regularly exposed to abuse, addiction, and violence and are more often than not left home alone to fend for themselves.

Worldwide, 153 millions orphans. More slaves today than at the height of the African Slave trade. Over 20,000 children dying every single day from a lack of basic resources. This trip is your chance to engage some of these children face to face and learn about the best practices to help (and not hurt) the millions of suffering children around the world. We will come alongside some amazing local Peru leaders to help them in their ministries to the hurting children around them. We will serve as a team by playing with, loving on and discipling children in the community who are orphaned and/or severely impoverished. We’ll share our lives and testimonies as we encourage them to trust and follow the Lord who loves them so dearly. This is an incredible opportunity to make a valuable, lasting impact in the lives of the children and youth in Peru.

This team of college students will serve in the Ayacucho community from March 17 – 25, 2018


$2,500, which includes all airfare
*Costs not included: Passport fees, luggage fees, food during International travel, airport fees and immunizations.

Contact: Cheryl Ruckman
Organization: VisionTrust
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