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  • Community Service in Indianapolis, Indiana | Week of Hope - Indiana  - Mission Finder

Community Service in Indianapolis, Indiana | Week of Hope

Week of Hope is packed with practical acts of love and service. Students build meaningful connections as they serve people through our strong partnerships with local ministries and nonprofit organizations. They’ll learn Christ-like empathy and compassion for others as they meet the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of disadvantaged children, youth, and adults. As students serve in the name of Jesus, they’ll develop friendships with the people being served, with other teams, with their own youth group, and, most importantly, with Jesus. Denominational differences disappear as like-minded youth work together for a common purpose.


Indianapolis is famous around the world for fast cars and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but the city has a lot more to offer visitors. The state capital of Indiana has won praise for reinventing the bicycle and pedestrian experience in its downtown. The art world paid attention when the Indianapolis Museum of Art unveiled the largest contemporary art park in the country in June 2010. For sports fans, Indianapolis is known for the legendary Hinkle Fieldhouse, site of the 1954 “Milan Miracle” that inspired the basketball film Hoosiers. Indianapolis is a beautiful and growing city with warm summers, colorful falls, and snowy winters. The city is also an increasingly diverse place, with 40,000 foreign-born individuals moving to Indianapolis since 2000—a faster pace than even Chicago. Indy is now home to growing Mexican, Chinese, Sikh, Burmese, and Nigerian communities. Domestic violence has become a major issue in Indy. You can be a blessing to many families by supplying food, providing home repairs, or giving children a safe place to be during the day. As you delight in the sights and activities, you’ll enjoy getting to know the people of this amazing community—and Week of Hope offers you an amazing opportunity to serve those who may have been forgotten or may just need a little hope.


  • June 14 2020 to June 19 2020
  • June 21 2020 to June 26 2020
  • June 28 to July 03 2020

Trips are available for Junior/Senior High students (ages 12+).


No skills needed!

What We Will Do

You’ll serve in Indianapolis doing projects such as these:

  • Play games, lead craft-making and interact with residents of an elder care facility, while listening to their stories, assisting with meals and going on outdoor walks.
  • Help elderly residents stay in their homes longer by doing some deep cleaning, simple repairs, and cleaning up in their yard.
  • Assist at the local food pantry by cleaning, stocking food, and organizing products. Help residents shop and unload deliveries.
  • Be a part of an exciting community outreach program; play sports with neighborhood kids, paint their faces, and prepare lunch for them.
  • Help at the Boys and Girls club with daily programs that include playing sports, leading crafts, and developing life skills for children ages 5-18, and helping them discover new opportunities for their future.
  • Serve at a children’s youth center; work alongside experienced counselors serving as “junior counselors” with elementary aged inner city kids.
  • Work in the food pantry, unloading trucks, setting distribution tables, working in the clothing ministry, and helping facilitate the distribution.

Contact: Trip Advisor
Organization: Group Mission Trips
Phone: 844-258-9616
760 Whalers Way
Suite C200
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