World Race

Over the last 17 years, the World Race has taken thousands of young people on mission. This year we are looking for just a few – 15 student leaders who are eager to be developed while on mission. Grow in deep community and in self-awareness. Join us for a fun and challenging four months as we train you in Guatemala, El Salvador and the U.S.

You’ll be mentored by top coaches and teachers. You’ll master the 21 top skills that are essential for thriving and you’ll grow in your faith in Christ. You’ll also earn college credits in leadership and communication. Daily personalized coaching will help you to grow in regular ministry as you seek to become the change that the world needs.


Guatemala, El Salvador and Gainesville, GA


1. We recruit highly motivated Christ-followers. 2. We guide students through a process to inventory their strengths and interests. 3. Coaches help students develop a Thrive Path. 4. Our mentors give them hard coaching and connect them to resources. 5. Students learn skills through a badge system to grow body, mind, and spirit. 6. We tap into students’ curiosity and motivation to equip them to grow at a pace appropriate to them. Over the last thirteen years, we’ve led these 9-11 month journeys to help people discover a deeper relationship with God and encounter His presence around the globe.

What We Will Do

World Race U Our learning model gives you four months of experiential education, living in community with other college students, and discovering what it looks like to live like Jesus in our modern world. You’ll develop as a leader, fine tune life skills, and take classes through an accredited college that will count towards your Associate or Bachelor’s degree. Along with your classmates, you’ll start and end your semester at our campus in Gainesville, Georgia, with a 2 month stint in Guatemala in between for hands-on learning and discipleship training. You’ll also have access to mentors, experts and entrepreneurs who are living out the Great Commission and who are invested in guiding you through your time at World Race U. We give you the preparation you need for successful living – because let’s face it, the world is changing. And at World Race U, we mentor you in how to change with it. Our Mission: We awaken the church to radically follow Jesus and advance His Kingdom.

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