City Mission PNG

City Mission PNG: A Legacy of Hope City Mission PNG (CMPNG) has been “Spreading the love of God and meeting human needs” for over 25 years. The Mission began as a ministry to street boys and has continued to grow and adapt to the challenging social and spiritual needs of Papua New Guinea. As a […]

IDAK Group

IDAK MINISTRY PROFESSIONALS Are you seeking to find your calling, that special place of service which fits your passion and strengths…. IDAK’s Career Matching Services can lead you to a rewarding and purposeful new career path that is uniquely matched to your life passion, work values and natural talent strengths. Our services focus on identifying one’s […]

Kingdom Presenters

Kingdom Presenters helps Christian speakers to create and deliver presentations that open hearts, minds, and wallets for God’s purposes. Our mission is to equip Christian speakers to deliver presentations that are audience-focused, God-inspired and concise, so that they have a greater ability to connect with their audiences and together make a Kingdom impact.

New GateWay Solutions

As a Christ-centered 501(c)(3) organization, New GateWay Solutions’ mission is to provide an approach and solutions that alleviate poverty and prevent homelessness among those living under the poverty line.” New GateWay’s vision is to accomplish its mission by providing career readiness, career training, housing stabilization assistance, job interviews, job fairs, a functioning internet café and […]

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