Challenge Ministries Swaziland

Our vision: – To compassionately WIN Swaziland, through partnering with like-minded individuals, churches and organizations – To TRAIN up a remnant to preserve the future by becoming an accurate representation of Christ being lived out among communities – To SEND out empowered believers from a restored Swaziland to a world in need We provide orphan […]

Faith Ministries Costa Rica

We live in a lost and dying world. What are you personally doing to change that? We invite you to realize how you can become a part of reaching the dear people of Costa Rica and Panama for Christ! You can aid in evangelism, church planting, teen camps and children’s ministries; you can feed and […]

Talita Cumi

At Talita Cumi we are called to be a home filled with the power of the Holy Spirit focused on the raising of children in the radiant light of Christ. A place in which children can know and experience Jesus through family, through love, through education, through prayer, scripture, freedom and joy! This is the […]

Ratidzo Trust

Ratidzo Trust is the ‘Vision’ we have to help those most disadvantaged and vulnerable in rural areas around the world. Our objectives are to prevent or relieve poverty or financial hardship for vulnerable peoples, orphans (HIV/AIDS & Conflict), the elderly and those living with disabilities around the world by helping them generate a sustainable income and […]

Worldwide Heart to Heart Children’s Village Ministry

Worldwide Heart to Heart Children’s Village Ministry is a Christian nondenominational nonprofit 501(c)(3) that ministers to children ages birth to young adult in Honduras. Our Children’s Village in Tegucigalpita is currently home to 102 children. In addition, in Puerto Cortes we have a Medical Dental Clinic, a church, a K-11 school, and in Conception del […]

Mission Servants Ministry

Mission Servants Ministry exhibits the Love of Jesus Christ in practical ways through service and projects, supporting organizations serving the orphaned, poor, and stricken in Africa.  People join with us through support, sponsorships, trips, and hands-on effective and relevant work.  100% of all contributions are funneled directly to the funded orphanages, schools, ministries and projects.

Friends of Children Everywhere

Friends of Children Everywhere operates a number of ministries in Guatemala including Casa Bernabé Ministries. Casa Bernabé Ministries exists to provide hope for vulnerable children in Guatemala, both within the walls of its campus and also within the surrounding community. The ministry seeks to provide the framework needed for each child to step out from […]

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