Abaana Community Outreach Africa

Abaana Community Outreach Africa is a non-government organization, based in Uganda, East Africa. It’s purpose is to break the cycle of poverty through education, healthcare, psycho-social care, economic empowerment,and nutrition awareness. It also provides an understanding of the basic human and environmental rights–especially to women and children.

Our History

Abaana Community Outreach Africa was founded by a group of professionals and volunteers in 2009. It is located in Masaka-Lwengo District. It was started as a Community Based Organization and later developed into a Non-Profit Organisation. It’s purpose is to break the cycle of poverty through the provision of loving support and care to the poorest and most vulnerable people—children and women.

Our Mission

Abaana Community Outreach Africa’s mission is to create sustainable socio-economic changes to generate a lasting impact on communities affected by deprivation. ACO Africa’s vision is to care for children and other vulnerable groups (such as women, including those women affected with HIV, the elderly, and people in our prisons).

Our Values

Abaana Community Outreach Africa functions with a focus on compassion, respect, and loving kindness. The organization is run with integrity, professionalism, and accountability to make people aware of their human rights and to enable them to reach their full potential.

What We Do

Throughout the year, Abaana Community Outreach Africa hosts volunteers and teams from all over the world; they participate in activities geared towards community development, women empowerment and prison missions. Families, churches, co-workers are invited to support and care for the poorest and most vulnerable people, especially children and women.

We meet their practical physical and psychological needs. Women are empowered through gender groups in local communities and churches to strengthen their economic role in families and communities. Prisoners are provided with counseling–spiritual, psychological and legal education. Long and short-term mission trips are welcomed by those with any professional skills–especially those who are able to meet the physical and emotional needs of women and children at risk.

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