Adonai Sports Academy

Adonai Sports Academy is a non-profit organization registered in the State of California, USA and in India. It is run by a board of members who prayerfully lead the academy. It was launched in 2010 to reach the children of underprivileged and poorer sections of a community globally with the gospel of Christ through sports. ASA helps the children to reach their highest potential in sports and athletics by encouraging them and providing them with coaching camps and tournaments. The children are also given nutritious food, sports jerseys, shoes, socks and other sports necessities.

Our History

We have a passion and desire to serve the Lord among children through sports. God spoke to us through His Word and many circumstantial evidences to confirm His call. So we started Adonai Sports academy after resigning my job to be in ministry.

Our Mission

ASA’s mission is to provide students and orphans from low economic and under privileged societies with:
Sound education with an emphasis in sports.
Health care, medical treatments for nutritional deficiencies and nutritious meals.
Coaching camps and tournaments to identify the gifted and talented sportsmen to train them further to compete at national/international levels.
Courts for basketball, volley ball, and tennis, and other games inclusive of soccer fields and sports tracks to facilitate a conducive environment for competitive training.
Sports equipment for all track events and games.
Sports gear (uniforms & shoes) and training in athletics and sports.
Satellite training centers for potential athletes/players.
Biblical education to instill in our students to reflect a Christ-like character.

Our Values

We love children and Jesus and we do not want any child to be left without knowing the love of Christ. We also have a passion and skill in sports and we want to share that with them.

What We Do

We conduct coaching camps and training in soccer, basketball, volleyball, and athletics. We identify children with potential skills or talents and train them to go to a higher level. We also support their education and provide them with sports gear, sports equipment and nutritious food.

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